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Tel: (01-55) 3028-2253 Mexico City

Cel. (045) 984 1425 930 Tulum


Cel. (045) 984 1415 038 Tulum

Cel. (045) 984 1515 366 Tulum




Cenote Encantado Location: Tulum beach road (Boca Paila), 1km before the arch (entrance to Sian Kaan Bioreserve) on right side (beach is on left as you go south towards Sian Kaan) across from "Rancho San Eric". Look for the well lit Cenote Encantado 1320 sign.






About Us


Who we are...

Cenote Encantado "Enchanted Cenote" is a getaway to peace. Our initiative is rooted in the concept and daily practice of activities which compliment the environment. It is a concept which provides us with physical, mental and spiritual development.

For us, being ecology oriented isn't just a trend or some scheme to attract green-minded visitors. We think that loving and protecting the environment is a way of life.

For this reason it is our priority to share this consciousness to the furthest extent of our abilities. We actively look for people who can enlighten us with new ideas and make this magical place a center of relationships and contacts, which visitors can use as a mechanism to go forward with their own new alternative network.


Earth my Body
Water my Blood
Air my Breath
Fire my Spirit