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Boca Paila Road km 10

Tulum beach road

Hotel Zone

Towards Sian Kaan reserve 1km before the stone arch entrance to the reserve



Cenote Encantado Location: Tulum beach road (Boca Paila), (you turn right... not towards the pyramids) 1km before the arch (entrance to Sian Kaan Bioreserve) look on right side (beach is on left as you go south towards Sian Kaan)

We are across the street from "Rancho San Eric". Look for the Cenote Encantado sign. Besides Maya Cabañas



Camping Village

Cenote Encantado is a place of turquoise dreams, water and peace. A place located almost at the entrance of the Sian Kaan reserve. Cenote Encantado was founded with the intention of creating a space for ​​ecological development in the human-Earth relationship. Our vision pursues to achieve the proper way of using the natural resources as well as protecting the mangrove ecosystem.

Cenote Encantado is a space of freedom and consciousness, where the things that really inspire us can be shared in an environment of peace and respect. This place is made for you, if you are interested in healing, alternative medicine, ecology, education, ecotourism, permaculture, nutrition, yoga, native medicine, poetry, songs, dance, etc ...

Many beautiful, adventurous and open-minded people have left seeds of love in this village.

Therefore it is a priority for us to share this consciousness to the maximum of our possibilities. Learn from those who are advanced in the sciences of the earth and that have helped to illuminate our understanding of this home, planet Earth, a core of relationships and contacts where visitors at Cenote Encantado can access or nourish this alternative network of spiritual and natural knowledge.

Our facilities are equipped with tents, beds, linens, trash, small table, lighting
and extra tarps for rain, (Electricity from 6:30 pm to 12:00 am)

Wifi from 10:00 am to 12:00 am)

We have individual tents, for couples, for 3 people, and up to 4 people.
We also have a large kitchen equipped with coolers, drinking water, drawers for your nonperishable food and cooking equipment.

We have a Yoga and Meditation Salon that you can use for your own practice or as chill out place.

In high season we share many classes and different healing therapies.



We all have come from the earth
And we will return to her
Like a drop of water
Flowing in to the sea