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Boca Paila Road km 10

Tulum beach road

Hotel Zone

Towards Sian Kaan reserve 1km before the stone arch entrance to the reserve



Cenote Encantado Location: Tulum beach road (Boca Paila), (you turn right... not towards the pyramids) 1km before the arch (entrance to Sian Kaan Bioreserve) look on right side (beach is on left as you go south towards Sian Kaan)

We are across the street from "Rancho San Eric". Look for the Cenote Encantado sign. Besides Maya Cabañas



Aqua Zen

The magical water of the Cenote's or the Sea, it's mineral composition, for the silence and life that surround them, are the perfect places to develop this unique experience.

You can feel the perfect body-mind connection in the practice of underwater Meditation, Yoga, Dance and Acrobatic. (can be eather one, or all)

Galia, creator and guide of this innovative experience, conveys through its floatation and movement, the mystery and knowledge that inhabit all waters, you can open the door to a known world from the time of our birth, and that we come to rediscover in this amazing waters in the caribbean as well as other waters in the world.

This is an invitation for you to let go of everything you don't need,  for you to rediscover your grace and beauty by connecting with your inner being and feel more clear where you want to aim and to renew your intention.

"Flotation enables you to let go of stress accumulated from a constant flood of gravity upon our bodies, creating a sensation of *suspended floating animation* similar to flying."

"In the water our body can move freely, reaching unique postures, hard to reach outside of it."

"Gravitational silence, enable us to enter a different state of consciousness, that we can use as as a means of deep healing"

"As well as using music equipment underwater takes you also to a unique magic experience"

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We would like to welcome also to do this wonderful experience with your couple.. It is with snorkel equipment, as well as each person with his own underwater music equipment. This help us to make contact dance, or simply being together and feel the energy of one an other, plus the contact with the Cenote or Sea with and our hearts, comes out in a beautiful therapy of healing and love.

It can be done with your own couple, finding new ways of relate and feel, or with a close friend that you trust where your union can become stronger and renewed, using a sutil contact or simply each one in his own dance shearing the experience thru music and flotation.

If you are interested contact Galia direct to:

Or to the telephones in this web page.

Previous appointment is required.




Beautiful mother
Allow me to blossom in your fertil land
So I may grant you my scent...